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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is that my problem??

Yeah niece having SPM so my dear suggest to go back three days but sister in law objection saying that niece having exam so better stay back. She told me that she has exam on Friday and i told dear of it then she called niece to ask further because she dont know if she has exam on Saturday.

My baby so active i dont think my niece will get peace for doing her revision in room. I am sure they will be many shouting at home because my baby will throw things and climbling stairs. Well sister in law also said that mom in law didnt buy any fish. I didnt mind at all since the fridge cannot out in fish untio new one has arrive.

There is solution for this i think of we stay at hotel instead stay at the house. But i think he would definitely objection in this. Anyway lets see what it happen when time reach.

For now dear also cannot decide to go back or not. Mom in law did ask when we plan going back since sister in law keep nag that niece exam SPM. So...

Friday, November 2, 2012

No win after all

Yeah at first I was excited few days ago see my name on the list to win passes to go Legoland. Sadly today I contact the Maybank via Facebook and was inform that I didn't win. They put a list name of 22 winners but they make changes of it to 11 winners. Yeah my name no more in the list.

This is sad, I am sure my son disappointed he suppose to be happy that school holiday go Legoland with the winning passes!

Alright nevermind, better luck future! Don't give up on contest, just try again. :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Resident Evil:Retribution

I am very happy today because I redeem the prize that I won, a Resident Evil: Retribution t-shirt and two passes to see this movie at TGV IMAX! Oh... I am thinking to bring which of my friend to see the movie, they are working so I know only lucky one get to watch with me. It will be my first time see the movie at IMAX, I was told that a ticket usually cost RM20.

Tonight I am gonna see Resident Evil: Retribution with my dear. My dear is at work now and later after his home, he will come home then take shower and then eat dinner then zoom... we are going to eCurve. Our first time to watch movie there together.

Our first date movie of just two of us was One Utama TGV, second time was GSC mid valley, now it's third time for us see at Cathay Cineplex.

My son cannot see with me because he is below 18 years old, another 12 years to go until he's 18!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya first day my first cry

We have breakfast before taking the journey back dear home town, I was told by sister in law that aunt is coming for over night. We reached dear home town in the afternoon, while dear busy find parking spot and taking things down from car. I went in the house and mom in law was busy cooking. There goes aunt standing in the dining, it all started with her saying that breastmilk has no nutrition, she knows nothing of breastfeeding since she does not have kid of her own, she has few miscarriage in pregnancy. She has an adopted child which is a teenager now.

She says that she went to a am*** talk and the doctor says that no nutrition in breastmilk. Well I can say that not all doctor with knowledge of goodness of breastmilk. WHO encourage mom to breastfeeding for two year, I breastfeeding my first for three and half year. I told her that as long I have breastfeeding I will not quit as I aim to breastfeeding two year.

Aunt also asking me to have another child, she says only milk powder expenses. She has no think of education and guidance and love of having more children. My cousin also will have two kids enough because not enough income to support more. We feel the same.

Anyway thank you aunt for ruined my day and my mood at home town. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to unfollow blog?

I need to unfollow blogs because some blogs no longer active, I have already follower three hundred blogs. That is the maximum. Can tell me now to unfollow blogs?

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dragon fruit got worm?

I love to eat dragon fruit, I bought some and still have them in fridge. My father in law says that there is worm in dragon fruit don't eat. Emm.. I don't know if it is true or not, how about you? Why is there worm in dragon fruit? Who would still purchase the fruit to eat? Even durian sometimes we see worm inside but we wouldn't eat the worm part of durian. Anyway I still eat dragon fruit.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mickey Mouse in Midvalley

It is wonderful time for my son, just mommy and son day out on Tuesday 5 June, 2012. I am one of the winners in premier of Madagascar 3, I have two passes and I decided to take my boy to see with me. We head to Midvalley in the afternoon and manage find parking at Zone A of Midvalley. I purchased him the Mickey Mouse guitar RM29.90, he enjoy playing it all day long.
I am glad he is not cranky that day, he finished his favourite food at The Warung. He likes to play guitar and he sang along while playing it. He was feeling hungry in the evening so I took him to eat again but not in the Warung.

Next Monday he starts school as school holiday is over, I am sure everyone is back by tomorrow. Some of his friends still on vacation. This school holiday we not go anywhere for vacation because lack of income but I am happy I get to go places namely watching movies with my son and attended beauty event.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Vote eqbalzak

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Happy belated mothers day to readers

I am so happy to see my mom on last Saturday, it was her first time to eat cupcake. I gave her six and I had nineteen left. I have given ten to two neighbors. My mom received a bag from me, she is very happy to see me. I miss her so much I know she wanted out from nursing home but that evening is quite late we just visit her.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Not so in the mood

Yeah not in good mood lately I blame the Pms because it is coming soon. How soon is that I am not sure. I want to watch the movie Cabin in the woods but not available at cinema near me so I need to travel further. It seems I am not in energy not sure if tomorrow I able to go movie with my friend. On Thursday I invited her to watch the Avengers with me.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Papaya shower gel from bodyshop

I am not feeling well,I have cough, flu, and fever. Yesterday I head to bodyshop to redeem the papaya shower gel that I purchased online. It is RM13 a bottle of 250ml instead of RM22. I can't believe that I am the first to redeem at The Body Shop at Sunway Pyramid. It is just a floor below Asean Street.