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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Collect highest points to win $500 and iPod Nano

This is my happy moment as I found this contest where you can win $500 and an iPod Nano! It is my first time to see contest that offering BIG BUCKS! Roseate is going to have a success contest at Roseate Marketing Tips , I like her tips on making money online.

New Ipod Nano - Nine Amazing Colours

This contest is based of points, so whoever get the highest points will be the winner to get away with the Cash and iPod Nano!

How to take collect points?

-Post this contest at your blog and link to it, don't forget to link to home page (5 points)

-Post any other post in Roseate Marketing Tips and link to it (5 points)

-Stumble, digg, reddit, technorati, etc... ie:bookmark this post at any social book mark site (3 points)

-Book mark any other post at any social book mark site (3 points)

-Add Roseate Marketing Tips to your blogroll (4 points)

-Comment at any Roseate posts (not spam) (3 points)

Contest ends soon, to find out more just click on the link above!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wrap up time using cling wrap!

This is fun for me and some people might not agree on doing this. But I have been reading on some forum that you can get slim this way, well just have a tried to see if it works.

How to do it? Just buy those cheap cling wrap and you need to apply on the slimming cream that you have on hand. I have got the chili cream and it is very hot as I applied too much of it. At first I applied without putting on the cling wrap, I feel there is not much of chili feel at all.

After applying it the chili feeling is hot & spicy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Win Big- Web Cam and TV Remote@BloggerStop

Today is my happy and tired day as we get to go out. Now I am back to share with you a contest where you can Win Big -Web Cam and TV Remote@Blogger Stop. BloggerStop is givign you chance to the prizes include a cool robot dog shaped web cam, a universal TV remote and one black leather cover for your mobile phone.

First Prize:

Robot Dog Shaped Web Cam

Second Prize:

Universal TeleVision remote

Two winners will be selected by Random (Random.Org)

The more you participate the more will be the chances to win.

Earn Your Entries Now!

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First Special Prize:

And the third prize (cell phone leather cover), is for the one who earns maximum entries during the contest period (although luck doesn't play any role here, but just in case two people score the maximum number of entries, then there will be a lucky draw between the two).
TIP: If you are competing for this prize, then check on the last day if you are still the one with maximum entries.

Second Special Prize:

If the last commenter is a member of Entrecard, then s/he will win 2,500 credits from Bikes.BloggerStop.Net
NOTE: You can make multiple comments, to be the last commenter, but make sure you are eligible for competing.

Contest Ends On 8th May, 2009 [11:59 P.M.] [GMT]
And the winner will be announced on 10th May

Comment in this Format:
Fav. Product: [category]

Blog Post: Link1, Link2 etc.
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Total Entries:
NOTE 1: All entries will be finalised by me.
NOTE 2: In case of multiple entries, use the same username/profile while commenting and mention only the additional tasks completed by you.

NOTE 3: The contest to is open for everybody, moreover shipping of the prizes will be done for free!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PinayJade back in the city life of Singapore

I am glad to see Jade's back in the city life. Jade is Pinay at Heart! She is living in Singapore with her hubby, her blog is where you get to read more of her Filipina blogger life in Singapore.

I have no idea that Jade's have got organic veggie farm in Palawan, Philippines, good to know that her brother-in-law has volunteered to help them out.

Jade is Pinay at heart, that is how she comes up with the beautiful blog name called About Jade is where you can read more and find out more about personality of Jade.

As you can see Jade was dancing with someone in the picture. Who is that? That is wonderful Dutchman, Jade's husband.

Jade has got another blog to share with you, it is her journery to motherhood. MommaWannabe is where Jade's going to share with us about her journey to become mom. I hope her wish comes true.

If you like to know how is life of a Filipina blogger in Singapore you can always visit her blog. She is dedicated blogger that love blogging and update her blogs often.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Best for everyone!

Since my sister has made her decision I think it is for the best of everyone. She has bad temper which I cannot stand it. She moves out in the first place because my mom scolded her. Now she is moving further away because she found things she loves to do.

Her journey of life will begin in another path. It is not marriage or career it is a life that she decided she will life up to it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vote for the BEST! I am no.7

I have taken part in a contest and you get the chance to cast the vote. I am one of the contestant and I am lucky no.7.

7. Another Contest

The Readers Poll

The Readers Poll

They are many bloggers taken part this contest, go ahead to read them all. Be honest to yourself and vote for the BEST.

If you want to read mine, be sure to check out no.7

Friday, April 3, 2009

Life of a Filipina Blogger in Singapore

I am sure you are curious to know who is the Filipina blogger in Singapore. She is Jade, a Filipina blogger living in Singapore for a few years now. Jade is Pinay at Heart and she was born and raise in Manila, she can speak Dutch too. Jade loves chocolate and you can read about her confession here.

By looking at the Jade's blog you can see the header of Singapore Marlin on the left and Philippines bus at the right. I love this header it really tells you that where the blogger is and from. I know Jade is interested in IVF in Singapore. Even though now they are on vacation I am sure when they have baby they can still go any places that they love. It will be a joy going as a family.

Jade's Birthday Bash Celebration has caught my attention, I can tell you that I want to win her contest and of course I want her contest to be successful as well. You can still take part in her contest where you stand the chance to win cash, ad spaces, entrecard credits, and more. Jade who has a Pinay at Heart, there is so much to read and see just visit her blog to see it for yourself.

Yeah you have see the title correctly that is my new domain and hosting that I have got now. I won it from a contest and Ruby has got the domain transfer to

If you have time go check out this new blog but bare in mind that it is very new as I have not login yet. Still waiting for the password and username of it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1kg is $37USD

Yeah just got to know from my friend that if courier from Philippines, it cost 1 kg is USD$37. Wow that is pretty expensive and the courier is using the FEDEX.

I am in Malaysia so if the item coming here is so expensive! Maybe is the courier service? Any other choice?