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Friday, April 3, 2009

Life of a Filipina Blogger in Singapore

I am sure you are curious to know who is the Filipina blogger in Singapore. She is Jade, a Filipina blogger living in Singapore for a few years now. Jade is Pinay at Heart and she was born and raise in Manila, she can speak Dutch too. Jade loves chocolate and you can read about her confession here.

By looking at the Jade's blog you can see the header of Singapore Marlin on the left and Philippines bus at the right. I love this header it really tells you that where the blogger is and from. I know Jade is interested in IVF in Singapore. Even though now they are on vacation I am sure when they have baby they can still go any places that they love. It will be a joy going as a family.

Jade's Birthday Bash Celebration has caught my attention, I can tell you that I want to win her contest and of course I want her contest to be successful as well. You can still take part in her contest where you stand the chance to win cash, ad spaces, entrecard credits, and more. Jade who has a Pinay at Heart, there is so much to read and see just visit her blog to see it for yourself.

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