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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My first Cleo magazine 1998

I cannot believe it but it is true, this is my first magazine when I was teenager. I bought this magazine and I remember my mom with me at the shop. This magazine cost RM5.30 and now the price is RM5.60.

I am not keeping this magazine anymore, too many things at home that I need to clear out. I want to keep everything that I love but I know I have limited space for them.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Don't look at me I don't look good

Suddenly I think of finance and everything I love so I have not been sleeping well for days. I know that the contest matter to me because of the attractive PRizes. You can check out the contest to see the prize for yourself there is few way to win the contest. By the way if you happen to take part in the contest, please mention referral by Sherry. Every points count as I get to earn 50 points.

I know that many bloggers busy and not able to take part, but you can see this contest first. Don't just read here click on the link to find, I am just sad as some people not understand me at all. I mean loved one they think of spend money rather than save money. I want to save money for better use and future use.

Standard of living here is not cheap and I find it if you living in the city you will spend more. Going places there will be toll to pass and your car need fuel. I spending almost $80 a month of the fuel of car and going places you need car. I don't like the terrific jam here as city having more shopping mall there will be more cars.