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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baby nearly died in the restroom

A 20s woman went into the restroom then came out with bloody pants. She told the cleaner that she has PMS. Then the cleaner notice something not right, she went into the restroom she heard the baby crying. She opened one of the restroom door and saw blood on the floor. The newborn baby in the hole of toilet, the woman who left the restroom leave the water running trying to drown the baby. Lucky the cleaner hurry up inform her husband and they report to police on this matter. They not able to track the woman but they manage save the baby from drowning in the toilet.

The newborn baby was stucked in the toilet's hole. It is not toilet bowl but those squating type.

I am glad to know the baby is fine and healthy.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Where to buy sofa cushion for sofa bed?

Yeah my sofa bed the cushion must change but I don't know where selling the sofa cushion. Last night we purchased from the shop no longer available.

Back then only RM699 for sofa bed with sofa cushion. Any idea where to purchase in Selangor the sofa cushion, I mean the bed to replace the sofa bed.