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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PinayJade back in the city life of Singapore

I am glad to see Jade's back in the city life. Jade is Pinay at Heart! She is living in Singapore with her hubby, her blog is where you get to read more of her Filipina blogger life in Singapore.

I have no idea that Jade's have got organic veggie farm in Palawan, Philippines, good to know that her brother-in-law has volunteered to help them out.

Jade is Pinay at heart, that is how she comes up with the beautiful blog name called About Jade is where you can read more and find out more about personality of Jade.

As you can see Jade was dancing with someone in the picture. Who is that? That is wonderful Dutchman, Jade's husband.

Jade has got another blog to share with you, it is her journery to motherhood. MommaWannabe is where Jade's going to share with us about her journey to become mom. I hope her wish comes true.

If you like to know how is life of a Filipina blogger in Singapore you can always visit her blog. She is dedicated blogger that love blogging and update her blogs often.

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