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Monday, August 20, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya first day my first cry

We have breakfast before taking the journey back dear home town, I was told by sister in law that aunt is coming for over night. We reached dear home town in the afternoon, while dear busy find parking spot and taking things down from car. I went in the house and mom in law was busy cooking. There goes aunt standing in the dining, it all started with her saying that breastmilk has no nutrition, she knows nothing of breastfeeding since she does not have kid of her own, she has few miscarriage in pregnancy. She has an adopted child which is a teenager now.

She says that she went to a am*** talk and the doctor says that no nutrition in breastmilk. Well I can say that not all doctor with knowledge of goodness of breastmilk. WHO encourage mom to breastfeeding for two year, I breastfeeding my first for three and half year. I told her that as long I have breastfeeding I will not quit as I aim to breastfeeding two year.

Aunt also asking me to have another child, she says only milk powder expenses. She has no think of education and guidance and love of having more children. My cousin also will have two kids enough because not enough income to support more. We feel the same.

Anyway thank you aunt for ruined my day and my mood at home town. 

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