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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is that my problem??

Yeah niece having SPM so my dear suggest to go back three days but sister in law objection saying that niece having exam so better stay back. She told me that she has exam on Friday and i told dear of it then she called niece to ask further because she dont know if she has exam on Saturday.

My baby so active i dont think my niece will get peace for doing her revision in room. I am sure they will be many shouting at home because my baby will throw things and climbling stairs. Well sister in law also said that mom in law didnt buy any fish. I didnt mind at all since the fridge cannot out in fish untio new one has arrive.

There is solution for this i think of we stay at hotel instead stay at the house. But i think he would definitely objection in this. Anyway lets see what it happen when time reach.

For now dear also cannot decide to go back or not. Mom in law did ask when we plan going back since sister in law keep nag that niece exam SPM. So...

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