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Monday, February 22, 2010

Glitter Page

I love pink colour and there's a blog where it is all in pink, check out Glitter Page. It is page rank 2 with three columns template, I like the blog designed it is so cute. Jaymee is the author of this blog, Glitter is her online name since the year 2006 that's why she named the blog Glitter Page. This blog is about her and her world, for more info of her just check out her blog and click about.

There is a list of tags and categories listed on the side bar, this will give readers to click on the tags and categories that they are interested to read. Glitter manage to earn money from Adsense, this is good for her with the extra income. Glitter loves mobile phones and there is a post where she posted mobile phone reviews from a cellphone addict. If you are crazy of cell phone I am sure you seek advice from Glitter.

Last month Glitter held a contest at her blog, win a domain blog contest at Glitter Page. If you want to know who is the luck winner of the domain contest take a visit to her blog. The interesting posts that caught my attention are nurse notes, there is so much to read from there.

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