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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random musings of Seiko diary

I enjoy blogging and I like to hop to blogs to read about their life and journal. This is one blog which you can visit often Seiko diary says it all. You can read about parenting and motherhood of four wonderful children.

If you love cooking I am sure you find this blog useful with info on recipe. I like have seen crouquette but never know how to make or cook it. I like to visit blog more often on the recipes and parenting on this blog.

One of the blog posts that attract me is the newborn days, you just love to find out the loving moments. Motherhood moment is so precious and nothing can replace that.

The blog is user friendly and easy to browse but some badges are out of date. I think it should be taken down like contests which no longer available. If you like to read updates on Seiko diary click on the link below. It is better to view this blog using the firefox as stated on the right bar.

I love the quote by the author "I KEEP MY HEAD HIGH && NEVER GIVE UP ON MY DREAMS". This just encourages me that we should not give up on things we love to do.


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