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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My First Kiss: Puppy Love

This is kissing which I am going to tell you about. It is my first kiss! I started dating when I was 18years old, my first boyfriend was a year younger than me. I could not remember where we start our first kiss!

My dad told me that it was my puppy love! Although I cannot remember where we started first kiss but I could tell you. There is a horrible breath coming out from him. LOL! Woot I never thought I say that but since we are no longer together so big deal if I am going to tell the world that he got bad breath. I mean who doesn't?

My first boyfriend got my first kiss and I can tell you that he is not good in kissing. I think he bites my mouth! LOL.

Woot, tell me yours! I want to know.


  1. I don't think I can say that.. hahaha
    two thumbs up for you for being so honest and brave at the same time...


    here's mine

  2. hahahaaa!!Buti na lang at di ka umurong when he kissed you lol!!\(^0^)/I wonder kung nasaan na yun--di mo talaga makakalimutan because of his bad breath lol!

    Happy GT!!^_^

  3. you're so brave girl. i think i can't say that too!

    mine is here...

  4. hi gorgeous MHE,I read yours.

    hi clarissa, I can't speak pinay.

    hi rossel, I read yours.

  5. nyahaha.. poor guy.. and yep.. sino nga ba hindi bumabaho hininga hihi

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  6. thank you pehpot,I am going to take part.


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