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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Are you winner of Her and History's Life and Love

I love this contest and so happy to see I am one of the winners, it is based on random org to choose winners.

Check out who are the lucky winners, I am sure you like to know the PRIZES they won.

6th prize: 9,000 EC's - Sherry of My Mom's Best
1000 EC- Gossip Mom
1000 EC - Just the Tip of the Iceberg
1000 EC- Worth's Road

1000 EC- Empowered Mom
1000 EC- All about my Life
1000 EC- Dorothy's Vineyard
1000 EC- Inhale...Exhale...
1000 EC- HoneySweet Learning Center
1000 EC- Rose's Obstacles and Glories

My ec profile is

Congrats winners, thank you sponsors.

Thank you I use large fonts to know which I received :D


  1. okies.. will send you 5000 ECs for all my 5 blogs..

  2. hi mommy dharlz, it will be great if you let me know which 5 blogs are yours :)


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