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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Top TEN teary moment

I think nobody knows me better than myself. I always get the teary moment, it is either got to do with life or blogging. Some people take blogging as nothing personal but to me it matter so much.

  1. Having the teary moment as my sis going to become a monk. I accept that fact that she wants to do it because she wants to be one.
  2. Friends betrayal I mean you treat the person as your friend but in return they are not thinking you as one.
  3. Politics which you cannot avoid, every where you go I am sure there is one.
  4. Getting sad news from friends or family members.
  5. Feeling of unhappiness, sometimes I get depression.
  6. People just don't understand, when you try to explain they will think even more.
  7. Somethings in life when I want to help but I know that I can only say it as other not interested to help at all.
  8. Seeing loved one is sicked but the person just not want to accept the sickness.
  9. Something to do with Heath...
  10. Something to do with Money...
Anyone care to share yours?

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